Architectural Requests

Architectural Guidelines:

A Home Improvement Application (linked below) is required for all Minor and Major Improvements. A Home Improvement Application will not be considered complete unless it includes all items listed below. An incomplete Home Improvement Application will be returned, unprocessed, to the submitting Owner with a notice describing the requirements needed to complete the package. Note: Please review the Architectural Guidelines for compliance prior to submitting an application.

  • A Completed Home Improvement Application
  • A Site Plan Showing Location of Proposed Improvement(s) & All Dimensions
    • All property lines, setbacks, etc., and complete dimensions of the proposed improvement
  • Elevations (or Pictures for non-structural items)
    • All affected sides
  • Samples 
    • Material & color samples
  • Architectural Review Fee 
    • See page 2 of the Home Improvement Application linked below. Also refer to Sec 6.06(b) of the Master Covenant

Submit the Completed Homeowner Improvement Application via TownSQ:

  1. Login to TownSQ
  2. Click the Architectural Review link on the menu bar on the left side of the site.
  3. Upload a copy of the completed Home Improvement Application linked below.

Please check TownSQ regularly for any updates on your application. Once a decision is rendered on your application, you will receive a notification via the TownSQ site and via email.

Architectural Review Fee Schedule:

In accordance with Article IV, Section 6.06(b) of the Master Covenant, the following Architectural Review Fees have been established: 

  • The Architectural Review Fee for Minor Improvements is $25.00. Minor Improvements include, but are not limited to, pergolas and patio extensions.
  • The Architectural Review Fee for Major Improvements is as follows: 
  • Pools, Patio Enclosures, Exterior Fireplaces, Exterior Kitchens - $50.00
  • Room additions (remodels) of 250 square feet or less - $150.00
    • In excess of 250 square feet, up to 750 square feet - $275.00
    • In excess of 750 square feet - $400.00 

Additional Fee Information:

There are no Architectural Review Fees required for Accessories or Landscape Improvements (installation of approved plant materials only). Please consult with the Rancho Sienna Reviewer for fees associated with all other Architectural Modifications. The required fee may be paid to the Rancho Sienna Reviewer by making a check in care of and payable to: Rancho Sienna Master Community, Inc. Please reference "Architectural Review Fee" in the memo section. Credit cards or cash cannot be accepted.